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What you consume affects your dental health more than you may think, so the dentist may caution you on reducing foods containing a lot of sugar. For example: eating acidic foods – especially if you suffer from acid reflux  – can eat away at the enamel of your teeth.


Consuming a highly-acidic diet can also change the PH of your saliva, making it too acidic. Diet can also affect your gums, leading to gum disease, (gingivitis) and infections. Candy you suck for a long time, or hard candy, can also contribute to tooth fractures.

Dr. Samuel Yee DDS recommends, when you choose snacks, to keep these reminders in mind, to enjoy good dental health:


  • Eating a well-balanced meal that has good sources of protein and fat, vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy foods, and whole grains, reduce cavities. Natural sugars can still decay teeth, so limit high-sugar fruits.
  • Reduce the number of snacks you consume, and choose foods that increase the production of saliva, to help clean the teeth and lessen the effects of acid
  • Limit how long food stays in your mouth
  • Choose foods low in acid and foods that are gentle on your enamel, such as cheese, grains, and soft vegetables. (cooked peas, broccoli, legumes)


Utilizing these steps can drastically reduce dental health issues and keep your smile looking bright and healthy for years to come! To learn more about how your diet choices can influence your dental health in Aliso Viejo, California, please call our office, at 949-831-3111. We look forward to helping you maintain your fantastic smile, today!