Antiseptic Mouthwash Not a Viable Alternative to Flossing

Along with brushing your teeth each morning and night, flossing once per day is critical for removing bacterial deposits from your mouth. This is an essential measure to prevent oral health problems like tooth decay and gum disease. Each time you brush, you should spend at least two minutes and... Read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry 101

Did you know your dentist, Dr. Samuel Yee DDS, offers dental treatments that don’t just restore the health, strength, and function of your smile? Well, it’s true. In fact, he offers cosmetic dental treatments that are solely meant to improve the appearance of your teeth and gums. These treatments can... Read more »

Why You Should Protect Your Child’s Baby Teeth

If a larger number of adults watched out for their children’s teeth as if they were permanent teeth, we would tend to fewer cases of tooth break down in the teenage years and adulthood. The practices developed in a child’s early years often follow them into their adult life, and... Read more »

Unique Insight on Dental Sealants

One of the biggest risks to your oral health occurs in the form of tooth decay. Tooth decay arises when harmful acids chew through your tooth enamel. Thus, restorations will be needed to help repair any damage that may have occurred. However, by placing dental sealants beforehand, you can help... Read more »

Don’t Delay Having a Toothache Treated

Each of your teeth is composed of various layers. The outermost tooth enamel is intended to give your teeth the necessary hardness to bite, chew, and break down food before you swallow. It also helps to protect the sensitive internal dentin, pulp, and root of the tooth. Sometimes the inflammation... Read more »

Sugarless Gum Might Reduce Your Chances of Suffering Cavities

The natural saliva production of your mouth plays an important role in your basic oral function. This includes moistening the mouth while speaking or breathing as well as lubricating food while your chew. After you have completed eating a meal or snack saliva also helps to loosen food particles to... Read more »

Is a Dental Bridge the Next Step After Your Tooth Extraction?

At Samuel Yee DDS INC, we remove teeth as a last resort to save your smile from a tooth that is too affected by trauma or tooth decay to benefit from root canal treatment. Depending on your needs and preferences, Dr. Samuel Yee DDS may recommend a dental bridge. If... Read more »

Details on Denture Creation

Are you interested in how dentures are made? If so, you have come to the right blog! Our dentist, Dr. Samuel Yee DDS, is happy to explain how he prescribes complete and partial dentures to his patients. For complete dentures, your dentist will extract your remaining natural teeth to create... Read more »

Is it Safe to Visit the Dentist During Pregnancy?

If you’re pregnant, congratulations! If you’re thinking about becoming pregnant, congratulations ahead of time! This time of your life can be the exciting start of a new chapter. As always, and even particularly, it’s crucial to retain your oral health when you’re expectant since your habits are affecting the health... Read more »

Taking Care of Your Toothbrush

Even though you only use it twice, or maybe three times a day, your toothbrush still needs to be cleaned and maintained for it to do a good job of keeping your teeth clean. First, how old is your toothbrush? For a toothbrush to function at an optimum level, it... Read more »