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Dr. Samuel Yee DDS can provide pocket irrigation treatments to help prevent harmful bacteria from colonizing or re-colonizing in your mouth. Also known as oral irrigation, this treatment can be performed as part of a professional dental cleaning in our office or as part of your at-home care routine.
To make your appointment with our dentist and learn more about pocket irrigation in Aliso Viejo, California, please contact our office at 949-831-3111.

Pocket irrigation works by cleaning food particles, plaque, and other debris from between your teeth, and helps keep the periodontal pockets in your mouth clean and shallow. It can also be used to deliver antimicrobials below the gum lines to provide further treatment for gum disease and kill off harmful bacteria. Pocket irrigation has the additional benefit of helping to prevent bad breath.

Pocket irrigation devices usually have rounded tips, which reduces the risk of tissue damage and facilitates a more thorough cleaning. If you are performing a pocket irrigation as part of your home care routine, you can use a water pick or a water jet. This device will be less harmful to your soft tissues than dental floss, but does not replace your routine dental cleanings. Make sure that you continue to visit our dentist for regular treatments.

For more information about pocket irrigation and to schedule your appointment with our dental professionals, contact our practice today.

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