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A healthy diet will help your child maintain good oral health. Good diets provide children with nutrients needed for gum tissue development, strong bones, and protection against illnesses. For more information about healthy diets and to schedule your child’s appointment with Dr. Samuel Yee DDS in Aliso Viejo, California, call Samuel Yee DDS INC at 949-831-3111.

Most snacks contain at least one type of sugar. When sugar remains in the mouth, it contributes to tooth decay, and can cause cavities, childhood periodontal disease, and other complications in the growth and development of your child’s oral structures. We recommend that you provide your child with healthier snacks, such as carrot sticks, reduced fat yogurt, and cottage cheese. We may also recommend a fluoride treatment. “Fast” snacks, such as hard candies or mints, should be avoided.

If you provide your child with starch-rich or sugar-rich foods, do so only at regular meals, and provide plenty of water. This will ensure proper saliva production and help remove the harmful food particles from their mouths. You should also avoid giving your child sticky foods, as these substances are difficult to remove from the teeth.

For more information about maintaining a healthy diet and to make your child’s appointment with our dentist, call our practice today.

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