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Samuel Yee DDS INC advocates a tobacco-free lifestyle.  Tobacco use is one of the leading causes of death in society, and also negatively impacts your overall health by contributing to oral cancer, reducing your smelling and tasting abilities, compromising your ability to heal, staining your teeth, increasing your risk of developing periodontal disease.  We encourage you to begin the process of quitting tobacco use today.  To learn more and schedule your appointment with Dr. Samuel Yee DDS, contact our office at 949-831-3111.

Tobacco use in any form brings the oral region into direct contact with cancer-causing agents.  These agents and other harmful chemicals contained in tobacco products to irreparable damage to your oral health.  Tobacco use includes “smokeless” tobacco – smokeless tobacco has bene proven to deliver a greater concentration of harmful agents to the body and to be significantly more addictive than its counterpart.  Smokeless tobacco also causes additional oral problems, including leukoplakia, which are dangerous pre-cancerous lesions.

Tobacco usage is also a leading contributor or oral cancer.  Oral cancer is characterized by:

  • Changes in your bite
  • Difficulty moving the jaw
  • Oral sores that do not heal
  • Numbness or tenderness
  • Red or white spots on the cheek, lips, or tongue

How can I prevent my child from using tobacco?

Individuals who abstain from smoking or using other forms of tobacco throughout their teenage years will likely never develop the habit or addiction to tobacco.  It is essential that parents discourage their children from tobacco usage.

We recommend that you begin by talking to your child on-on-one about the dangers of tobacco.  You can also ask our dentist to talk with your child about this.  We also encourage you to lead by example – children of non-smokers are much less likely to ever pick up the habit of tobacco usage.  You should also monitor your child closely.  If your child will not cooperate with you, our dentist can perform screenings for tobacco when you visit our practice.

For more information about tobacco usage, please contact our office today.

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