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Samuel Yee DDS INC offers treatment for impacted teeth in Aliso Viejo, California, to ensure that your teeth remain healthy and function properly.  Impacted canines are one of the most common forms of this problem, second only to impacted wisdom teeth.  Call us today at 949-831-3111 to learn more about impacted canines and schedule your consultation with Dr. Samuel Yee DDS.

Impacted teeth are teeth that are blocked, stuck or unable to fully erupt and function properly.  Impacted canines are critical to the bite, and require treatment in order to ensure a healthy, beautiful smile.

Canine teeth close the gaps between the other teeth in your mouth, and play a vital role in the biting function of the teeth.  They are also essential in maintaining the correct alignment of the other teeth in a dental arch.  When missing, canine teeth have a great impact on the function and appearance of your smile.

Canine teeth may become impacted if:

  • There are extra teeth present
  • The teeth are overcrowded
  • There is unusual growth in the soft tissue of the gums

Impacted teeth can be avoided with early and thorough examinations of the teeth.  We recommend that our dentist perform the initial evaluation on children about age 7.  As your child continues to grow and develop, we can provide treatments as needed and prevent impaction later on in life.

When you visit our dentist, he will evaluate your mouth to determine if your canine teeth are impacted and which treatment will be most effective in restoring your smile.  Common treatments include extraction (often recommended in cases of overcrowding) and orthodontic treatment.

Call our practice today for more information about impacted canines and make your appointment with our dentist.

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