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Dr. Samuel Yee DDS may recommend a root amputation to save and protect a multi-root tooth and preserve your oral health. We invite you to contact Samuel Yee DDS INC at 949-831-3111 for more information about root amputation in Aliso Viejo, California, and schedule your consultation with our skilled dentist.

Root amputation is a specialized dental procedure in which our dentist removes one root from a tooth with multiple roots. Root amputation makes it possible to save a diseased or injured tooth from extraction, and is less expensive and time consuming that restorative procedures to replace missing teeth.

Root amputations may be recommended for teeth that:
• Are broken, fractured, or injured
• Have bacteria embedded within the root
• Have experienced severe bone loss in a concentrated area
• Are suffering from tooth decay in a concentrated area of the tooth

Root amputations can only be performed on teeth that are otherwise healthy – the tooth in question must have a healthy tooth surface, strong bone support, and healthy underlying gums. Prior to performing your root amputation, our dentist will need to perform a root canal treatment to remove the pulp, including the blood vessels and nerves. During your root amputation procedure, our dentist will cut deep into the tooth to fully expose the roots. The root will be sectioned off and removed, and the entire area will be cleansed and sealed to kill any remaining bacteria. We will finish your treatment by placing a crown to restore the structure, appearance, and strength of the tooth.

Our dentist may prescribe painkillers, antibiotics, or an anti-microbial mouthwash following your procedure.

To learn more about root amputations and schedule your consultation with our dentist, please contact our practice today.

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