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Keeping your smile safe from cavities isn’t difficult if you follow some simple strategies. With a little bit of effort, you can actively protect your smile from tooth decay. Dr. Samuel Yee DDS and our team love helping our patients in Aliso Viejo, California create healthy, confident smiles. Today we would like to share some cavity prevention strategies with you.

Cavities are holes in the teeth caused by the acids in plaque which dissolve your tooth enamel. Dental plaque forms when bacteria in the mouth mixes with particles from sugary and starchy foods, along with acid and saliva. This sticky film clings to enamel and if not removed daily, will damage tooth enamel and spread to the dentin and pulp below. You can stop cavities in their tracks by practicing the following:

— Brush your pearly whites at least twice a day using a fluoridated toothpaste to strengthen enamel.

— Floss your teeth daily along the gumline and between each tooth. Find a method you enjoy to help you floss at least once a day. Dental wax, oral picks, floss threaders, and oral irrigators can all make this task easy.

— Rinse your mouth after cleaning with a fluoridated or antibacterial mouthwash to prevent plaque from building up.

— Eating a healthy diet will benefit your smile and your body. Reducing sugar and starch exposure to your teeth means enjoying balanced meals while avoiding candy, chips, and snacks which stick to your teeth and feed bacteria in the mouth.

— Routine dental exams and cleanings remove plaque and calculus from enamel and lets us detect problems early. We may also suggest dental sealants on your molars and fluoride treatments to strengthen tooth enamel. Drinking tap water with fluoride is also good for your teeth.

By practicing these oral hygiene habits, your smile can be healthy and confident for years to come. If you have any questions about your smile, please give us a call at 949-831-3111. At the dental office of Samuel Yee DDS INC in Aliso Viejo, California we are excited to help you create the smile you deserve!