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If you’re pregnant, congratulations! If you’re thinking about becoming pregnant, congratulations ahead of time! This time of your life can be the exciting start of a new chapter. As always, and even particularly, it’s crucial to retain your oral health when you’re expectant since your habits are affecting the health of both you and your child. Here’s some info that Dr. Samuel Yee DDS and the staff at Samuel Yee DDS INC have aggregated to help you in easing your concerns about dental health during pregnancy.

Periodontal disease and Tooth erosion:
– While it’s true that pregnant women are at an amplified risk of periodontal disease and tooth decay, you don’t have to worry if you’re vigilant about practicing the same endorsements your dentist always makes. Yes, you will be eating more food and therefore creating extra plaque, but avoiding excessively sugary foods and brushing twice per day will support you to keep your oral cavity’s clean and healthy atmosphere. Yes, you may have extra exposure to corrosive bacteria during morning sickness, but you can flush out your mouth and brush your teeth afterward to protect your tooth enamel.

Pregnancy Tumors:
– Don’t worry: pregnancy tumors are not actual tumors and not cancer. They are gum tissue growths caused by excess plaque swelling gums. They have a bumpy, red appearance and they regularly dissipate after childbirth.

– As it turns out, X-rays are completely safe for pregnant women and their children. Just as always, we’ll give you shields to wear during X-rays that will protect you and whatever’s in your abdomen, whether that’s an evolving baby or the crushed remains of a meatball sub. Don’t worry about dental X-rays and radiation during pregnancy — you’ll be completely safe!

Please contact our office in Aliso Viejo, California, at 949-831-3111 immediately if you’re pregnant so that we can begin preparing a special treatment plan for you and the new baby. Dr. Samuel Yee DDS and the team at Samuel Yee DDS INC will be excited to support you and the baby to stay healthy during this important time in your lives.