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If you’re looking for facts and information about sleep apnea, you have come to the right blog. Our dentist, Dr. Samuel Yee DDS, is thrilled to tell you all about sleep apnea so you can broaden your knowledge and make the best decisions for your health. To tell you all you need to know about sleep apnea, our dentist is happy to share the following facts with you:

-Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that has the potential to be very dangerous. This is because it involves the interruption of your breathing. In fact, your breathing repeatedly stops and starts as you sleep. This is a common problem that affects more than 200,000 United States citizens each year.

-Sleep apnea tends to be more common in older men, especially older men who are heavier in weight.

-The symptoms of sleep apnea include snoring loudly, insomnia, nightmares, depression, dry mouth, feeling tired after a full night’s sleep, sleep deprivation, headaches, fatigue and more.

-The typical treatments for sleep apnea include weight loss and the use of a breathing-assistance device.

-Your dentist can help you treat your sleep apnea by prescribing a dental appliance that repositions your jaw and opens your airway as you sleep.

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