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Each of your teeth is composed of various layers. The outermost tooth enamel is intended to give your teeth the necessary hardness to bite, chew, and break down food before you swallow. It also helps to protect the sensitive internal dentin, pulp, and root of the tooth.

Sometimes the inflammation from a recent oral trauma, a failing dental filling, or an untreated cavity can affect these sensitive core structures. As this starts to happen, you might feel worsening sensitivity, or a gradually increasing toothache.

Without timely professional treatment from a dentist like Dr. Samuel Yee DDS the source of dental distress will inevitably continue to worsen. This could result in more serious complications, including a dental abscess, tooth loss, or severe pain.

Once Dr. Samuel Yee DDS has professionally assessed the severity of the problem he will present you with the most viable treatment strategy.

Many of these cases call for him to perform a root canal to excise any distressed or traumatized tissues within the tooth. This will also include removing the tooth’s enamel layer.  

Once this phase of the treatment is complete he will reconstruct the pulp and dentin layer of the tooth to create an abutment strong enough to anchor an eventual dental crown.  This will effectively restore the tooth without further pain, distress, or complications.

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